Our Vision And Values

Our Vision is to be the first port of call for our clients to solve the everyday challenges that arise with people and business at the highest level, both locally and globally.

At Turning Factor, we believe that our values drive our success and results with our clients, so we keep them at the core of everything we do.


  • Deliver Beyond

    v deliver

    This means that we believe in delivering beyond our clients’ expectations to provide the best results possible in everything we do.

  • Innovative

    v innovation

    We believe that to be market leaders we must innovate and change to meet our clients’ ever-changing needs.

  • Sustainable

    v sustainable

    We believe that to make true impact, our initiatives must be sustainable for the long term. We know that profitability and return on investment are key factors in sustainability and successful business growth, so we always keep this at the forefront of our minds.

  • Passionate

    v passionate

    We are passionate about our quality products, because they have continuously proven to positively impact on our client’s businesses, and we live what we deliver.

  • Flexible

    v flexible

    We understand that things change and that flexibility is essential to create interventions that deliver valuable results.

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