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Developing Resilience & Wellbeing at Work

Programme Overview



Our ability to remain resilient in the face of ever mounting challenges, stress and pressure is key to our well-being, positive mental health and productivity. Research clearly shows a link between a resilient mindset and good mental and physical health. Despite all the current challenges we face, we still need to perform effectively in fast paced and highly demanding environments.

Designed to help people in the workplace who are expected to perform effectively in highly demanding environments, this one day workshop will help delegates understand how they can develop a resilient attitude to a range of scenarios that may in the past have created a high degree of anxiety. 


 Key Benefits

  • Developing your level of resilience
  • Understand and learn to manage your emotions
  • Enhance performance and well-being at work
  • Sustaining peak levels of performance
  • Developing levels of adaptability, flexibility and confidence
  • Understanding how your motivation can impact on the morale of your team
  • Learn how to reframe 'failure' and make the most of opportunities


Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand how resilient attitudes and behaviours can be learned
  • How to enhance performance and well-being at work
  • Be able to sustain performance and effectiveness under pressure
  • Increase adaptability, flexibility and confidence
  • Acquire a stronger sense of control when faced with uncertainty
  • Building strong and supportive relationships
  • Identifying tools and techniques
  • Stay motivated and focused and help maintain morale
  • Review ‘real actions’ to apply in the workplace


Delegate Testimonials

“I really enjoyed attending the course, and I felt that it has improved my practice, as it enhanced my self-awareness and i could alter my approach accordingly"

"The course tutor was good at encouraging participation. I had a few 'eureka' moments through the course and have felt more confident in my job role since doing the course."



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Resilience and Well-being at Work Programme
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