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Time Management course

Prioritise your Wellbeing with Effective Time Management

Workload is the number one offender when it comes to workplace stress and anxiety. This 2 hour session is packed full of techniques to help you organise and prioritise your working week to help you become more productive, efficient and time rich - perfect for helping that elusive work / life balance.

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Sales Excellence

This essential sales training programme is perfect for those organisations who want to achieve a standard of sales professionalism which improves performance and sets a benchmark for the business and the future growth of the company.

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Developing Resilience and Wellbeing at Work

Our ability to remain resilient in the face of ever-mounting challenges is key to our wellbeing and our positive mental health. Research clearly shows a link between a resilient mindset and good mental and physical health. Despite all the current challenges we face, we still need to perform effectively in fast-paced and highly demanding environments. Join us for this one-day virtual workshop which will help you understand how you can develop a resilient attitude to a range of scenarios that may in the past have created a high degree of anxiety. 

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Professional Digital Marketing Programme

"Mediocre marketers think in terms of campaigns. Great marketers think in terms of growth frameworks." Neil Patel

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ILM Accredited

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Transition To Management (ILM Level 2)

This programme is aimed at those who are taking their first step into a management role. The programme provides base level skills and knowledge on managing the team as well as themselves as a new manager.   The first line manager role can be one of the most challenging steps into management, and for those who are new to managing others, there is a lot to learn. This programme can be used to achieve the ILM Level 2 Award in Leadership and Team Skills.

The programme is designed to focus on skills and behaviours more than just theory – our aim is to provide practical development that challenges the delegates, broadens their perspectives, and widens their ‘managerial toolbox’. We ensure that each delegate has a range of specific objectives that they implement in the workplace after each session. Each delegate will complete a learning plan which we would advise they share with their workplace mentor.

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Essential Leadership and Management
(ILM Level 3)

Key to being a successful manager is having the ability and confidence to get things done through other people – not as easy as many think!

How often do we promote people into a management role without any relevant or structured training on how to actually do the job? Are we setting them up to succeed or to fail?

We are delighted to offer our benchmark ‘Essentials of Leadership and Management’  ILM level 3 accredited programme, designed to help develop and inspire the next generation of managers. 

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Rainmaker (ILM Level 5)

A rainmaker is an insightful and creative person who brings new business, thinking and change, as if by magic.

Leadership, change, growth, improvement – key buzzwords in business, but what are they and how do you achieve successful and sustainable business growth? Our Rainmaker Programme is designed for experienced managers who wish to step up their leadership capability to deliver improvement in themselves, their area of responsibility and their business.   The learning gained has been proven to offer immediate impact and results together with an insightful journey into yourself, and your impact and ability to lead others and your business/area.  

The programme is delivered in a practical framework over a 6-month period, which will allow you to reflect and apply the learning.  You will have an expert tutor and be involved in active learning together with other delegates from a range of sectors, all of whom will occupy leadership positions.

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Assertiveness course

Marketing Strategy and Business Growth

Perfect for Owners, Directors, Decision Makers, Senior Partners, Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders who have an organisation competing in a tough commercial market and require a robust marketing strategy that will facilitate sustainable business growth.

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Customer Service - Delivering Above and Beyond

Peter Drucker once famously quoted that 'the purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer'. This means that we need to be providing outstanding customer serve at all times as you can be sure that if you are not, someone else is! This programme is aimed at those actively in roles dealing with customers who wish to increase sales opportunities by improving their customer service skills.

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Project Management Essentials

Delivering successfully on a project can be a daunting task and, whilst important, the wealth of project management techniques and terminology can be intimidating. ‘Project Management Essentials’ is designed for staff who will be involved in carrying out projects but may not necessarily see themselves as a project manager.

This one-day programme is designed to explore and provide the key elements of successfully implementing, running, and delivering on a project.  

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Interpersonal Skills

Assertiveness course

Communicate with Influence

Communication is so important in any aspect of our lives. In the work environment people love to be communicated with. We need to make our conversations count and to be sincere and authentic. This one day programme will show you how to communicate effectively and with influence.

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Introduction to Coaching

"I've trained them - they know how to do it, so that should be fine." We have all heard this and know it to not be the whole story...! Coaching is the key practice that takes the employee from learning how, to performing to the best of their ability. Come and learn how you can draw out the huge potential in your people and improve performance at all levels.

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