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Sales Excellence

Programme Overview

Often you find a sales person disguised as an Account Manager, a Relationship Manager or a Business Development Manager, but any person who is looking for new business will be involved in selling - stretching from schools to lawyers to the automotive industry.

Having an effective and productive sales engine is the lifeblood of any organisation. In fact, without regular sales coming in, then all other areas in the business are redundant. 

In this highly competitive market, it is the efficacy of your salespeople that will determine ongoing success. Are your sales team able to prospect effectively, qualify leads, make use of effective questioning techniques, negotiate and close?

This essential four day Sales Excellence programme is perfect for those organisations who want to achieve a standard of sales professionalism which improves performance and sets a benchmark for the business and the future growth of the company. It is suitable for experienced sales people and those new to the sales role and is essential if you are looking to increase your sales as an organisation.


Key Benefits

  • Gain a trained and motivated sales engine who understand the key skills in the sales process
  • Adopt a sales focused attitude that gains results
  • Drive sales revenue and profits across the business
  • Reduce business risk by having a filled pipeline with quality leads
  • Increase conversion rates from enquiry and leads
  • Build and look after key accounts to grow sustainable customer base
  • Increased retention of sales force who are achieving their financial goals
  • Produce a strong pipelines and use powerful techniques that effectively convert leads into sales.


Key Learning Outcomes

During the programme we will cover 2 key areas - Developing Yourself, Developing Your Skills and Developing Business.

Developing Yourself will focus upon your personal character and behaviours to make you aware of your strengths and development area when dealing with buyers. We believe seller mindset and attitude to be of paramount importance and therefore we aim to enhance your level of 'bounceability', which is the ability to bounce back when things get tough. We also want to build on your capability to manage your behaviour and attitude successfully in order to provide a world class performance.

Developing Your Skills is where we aim to equip you with the knowledge and skills that are fundamental to your role. In this area, the programme covers all the core skills needed for successful selling and more importantly, the skills that are historically not taught but are essential to becoming 'excellent' in a profession where 'average' just won't do.

Developing Business looks at developing your commercial understanding and awareness. We understand that people may have the right skills and the right personality to sell, and they also need to have the commercial understanding to practically apply these skills so they can get the maximum value from the business relationship.


Delegate Testimonials

“The programme was delivered peer to peer rather than teacher to student, which allowed me to feel comfortable and relaxed and enabled us to talk with each other. I found the whole day made me personally very at ease and relaxed, and I didn't clock watch once! I now find myself so much more confident in talking to people. I talk with more strength and conviction in my voice, and the more confident I am when i talk; the more my confidence grows. I am getting a better response from clients in sales meetings, and overall the impact on my life in business and personal has be immeasurable."



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