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What our Sales & Business Development courses offer

  • Develop your sales skills and create new profit streams
  • Successful sales training courses for all levels
  • Senior, team and personal development courses available
  • Highly experienced trainers
  • Market leading courses
  • Bespoke and scheduled courses
  • Qualifications available

Develop your sales team and improve your performance!

The life blood of business today is the organic growth of new customers and the maintenance of existing ones.

Sales and Business Development is often de-valued and put secondary to operational importance in a business, and it is common for someone to gain a Business Development role with the expectation to drive the sales and growth without any or little training. If you compare this to any other profession - legal, financial or technical – where it is the norm to have years of training and qualification before an individual is expected to perform, this seems a conundrum.

Turning Factor has successfully created market leading courses that address this gap by
arming individuals at all levels with the right skills to enable them to deliver the business’s
targets and growth.

Our suite includes:

  • Sales Training – Foundation to Advanced
  • Sales through Customer Service
  • Commercial Growth Programme
  • Key Account Management
  • Negotiating to Win – Foundation to Advanced
  • Sales and Commercial Growth Strategy
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