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What our Leadership courses offer

  • Highly successful leadership training for companies and individuals
  • Develop skills and learn tools to apply within your own organisation
  • Senior, team and personal development courses available
  • Highly experienced trainers
  • Market leading courses
  • Bespoke and scheduled courses
  • Qualifications available

Develop your leaders and improve your performance!

You cannot be a leader unless others actively choose to follow you. Just because you may have the title of a leader, it doesn’t mean that you are a leader. It is the skills, characteristics, behaviours and attitudes that make someone a true leader of either themselves or others.

Leadership is no different to any other skill, and it is often questioned as to whether a leader is born or made. We believe that it can be both because leadership is a skill which can be natural for some, whilst learnt for others.

Turning Factor have developed a suite of programmes and bespoke solutions to give the ‘how’ in leadership space. You do not necessarily have to have a team or be a leader in your title; you can be a leader of yourself and your colleagues.

Our suite includes:

  • Why should anyone choose to be led by you?
  • Unlock Your Potential
  • Accelerate Your Potential
  • Foundation to Leadership
  • Discovery - Senior Leadership Programme
  • Developing the Agile Edge
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