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You cannot be a leader unless others actively choose to follow you. For a short term it is possible to coerce people, to force them to do what you want. But in the longer term, your follower’s motivation will drop and they may even covertly begin to sabotage your leadership, or just part company with your organisation. Just because you may have the title of a leader, it doesn’t mean that you are a leader, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a team of direct reports. It is the skills, characteristics, behaviours and attitude that make someone a true leader of either themselves or others.

Leadership is no different to any other skill, and it is often questioned as to whether a leader is born or made. We believe that it can be both because leadership is a skill which can be natural for some, whilst learnt for others.

Turning Factor have developed a suite of programmes and bespoke solutions to give the ‘how’ in leadership space. You do not necessarily have to have a team or be a leader in your title; you can be a leader of yourself and your colleagues.


Our suite includes:

  • Why should anyone choose to be led by you?
  • Unlock Your Potential
  • Accelerate Your Potential
  • Foundation to Leadership
  • LEAD Programme – Leadership Elevator Development Programme
  • Developing the Agile Edge
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