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Recruitment, Interviewing and Career Development

Programme Overview

Exploring the core aspects and skills involved in the processes of recruitment, interviewing and selection for leaders and managers, ensuring you are able to make effective contributions in each aspect.

This pathway also covers key aspects of career development planning, preparing for interviews, understanding the importance of first impressions and learning how to effectively network within your industry and beyond.

This pathway includes the following courses:

  • Appraisal interviews
  • Career planning
  • First impressions
  • Inducting a new team member
  • Networking
  • Hiring right first time
  • Tips for the interviewee



12 months access to All Pathways £195 + VAT.

6 month access to an Individual Pathway £100 + VAT.


Also included:

COVID-19 Management

Our online Coronavirus awareness and home working training coursed is designed to help educate on infection avoidance and remote working best practices.

Course Dates

ALL Pathways - 12 months access


£195 + VAT

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Recruitment, Interviewing and Career Development Pathway - 6 months access

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