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Health and Safety

Programme Overview

The Health and Safety of employees and customers is paramount in any organisation. Legislation requires managers to ensure that various standards of health and safety at work are achieved; the main principles are covered in this pathway, providing a good induction for new and practising managers.

This pathway includes the following courses:

  • Coronavirus Awareness
  • Dangerous substances
  • Display screen equipment
  • Electricity
  • Fire
  • First Aid
  • Health and safety introduction
  • Manual handling
  • Moving or falling objects
  • Office health and safety
  • Remote working health and safety
  • Slips and trips
  • Vehicles in and around the warehouse
  • Work at heights



12 months access to All Pathways £195 + VAT.

6 month access to an Individual Pathway £100 + VAT.


Also included:

COVID-19 Management

Our online Coronavirus awareness and home working training course is designed to help educate on infection avoidance and remote working best practices.


Course Dates

ALL Pathways - 12 months access


£150 + VAT

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Health and Safety Pathway - 6 months access

(4.5 Guided Learning Hours)

£80 + VAT

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