Customer Service - Delivering Above & Beyond

Programme Overview

Peter Drucker once famously quoted that "The purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer."

This means that we need to be providing outstanding customer serve at all times as you can be sure that if you are not, someone else is!

Until recently customer service was considered to be an expensive luxury. It was associated with only the most exclusive and expensive products and services.

Today, people should expect greater politeness and less pushiness from sales staff, they expect to be able to talk to someone when they have a problem, and not be kept waiting. There should be clear explanations with issues being dealt with quickly and courteously. This applies not only in shops, restaurants, and hotels, but anywhere where there is a customer/client relationship.

Customer service should be at the heart of all businesses and striving to provide the best service will go a long way. If you offer exceptional customer service, you are more likely to see repeat business from customer service. This is because receiving your products/services is not their whole journey. Consumers experience a lengthy process that starts from when they first hear about you. If you are renowned for great customer service, people are easier to forgive mishaps and will feel secure in returning to you.

This focused two day Customer Service programme is ideal for companies and individuals to understand both the strategic and tactical sides of customer service. It will be of particular value to organisations who wish to develop a culture of customer service in their organisation, department, or team. The course will not only teach you how to smile or be polite to people, but it will go beyond the obvious and explore what customer service truly means, and why so many organisations get it so wrong. 


Key Benefits

  •  Customer retention - A happy customer will back your brand.
  • Revenue increase with good customer service - Over 80% of businesses working on improving customer service report an increase in revenue.
  • Happy customers build a better reputation - When seeking to improve reputation, start with excellent customer service.
  • Company culture strengthens with improved customer feelings - When you create a culture of serving people, your employees follow suit.
  • Brand awareness soars with positive customer experience - Positive customer experience plays a huge role in brand awareness.
  • Customer praise leads to employee confidence - Good customer service is key to building confidence in your employees.


Key Learning Outcomes

Customer Service - Delivering Above and Beyond will look at how the business can have a culture that delivers great customer service, and also how the individuals can develop to ensure that the customer service they deliver is always an experience to the customer. 

During the programme we will focus on key areas to improve your customer service and help put in place a culture that will allow great customer service to thrive. There will be an emphasis on what customer service is, and the role of customer service for business and your staff. we will map the customer journey which will identify the critical interaction points and identify what needs to happen to ensure the best experience possible!

Along with the business aspect of the course, individual customer service will look at how we manage ourselves and develop key skills like listening and questioning. We learn how to deal with challenging customers, build great relationships, take accountability and engage with interest and enthusiasm.


Delegate Testimonials

“I really enjoyed attending the course, and I felt that it has improved my practice, as it enhanced my self-awareness and i could alter my approach accordingly"

"The course tutor was good at encouraging participation. I had a few 'eureka' moments through the course and have felt more confident in my job role since doing the course."



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