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COVID-19 Management

Programme Overview

Our online Coronavirus awareness and home working training course is designed to help educate on infection avoidance and remote working best practices.


This pathway includes the following courses:

Coronavirus Awareness Module
This module is designed to share information about the symptoms, spread and prevention of the current outbreak of coronavirus. It explores how to protect yourself and prevent the spread of disease, both in the workplace and beyond. The course has been created in response to a call for fact-checked awareness material following the outbreak of the novel strain of coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2) and the disease caused by it (COVID-19) in Wuhan, China from December 2019.
Remote Working Module
In some organisations remote working is already a common practice, but many employees may have little or no experience of operating outside traditional office based roles. This module raises awareness of the disciplines, structure and best practices required to optimise home working, particularly as employers enforce a remote working practice.
Remote Worker Health & Safety Module
Where increasing numbers of employees are being required to work remotely in order to reduce the impact of Coronavirus, employees and employers need to understand how to ensure health and safety standards can be maintained. In this module, we’ll explore the definition of remote working, identify who’s responsible for the health and safety of remote workers as well as ways to reduce the risk of hazards for both employer and employee.
Managing Virtual Teams Module
Virtual teams work independently on a shared organisational purpose, using a range of technologies to communicate and collaborate. As remote working is increasingly enforced on many organisations, this module looks at the benefits and challenges of working in a virtual team, the importance of a clear communication plan and the role of the manager in ensuring the teams’ success.



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This course is FREE with the purchase of any Pathway.

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This course is FREE with the purchase of any Pathway

£30 + VAT

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