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DESIGNED & TAILORED FOR YOUR PEOPLETurning Factor is a leading provider of Bespoke Training Programmes and innovative solutions. With years of expertise and a deep understanding of business complexities, we specialise in designing and delivering tailored training programmes specifically for organisational needs. Our training encompassing everything from executive coaching to customised leadership development programmes.

We understand that each business is unique and may be experiencing challenges that are difficult to resolve. At Turning Factor, we have the capability and expertise to support your business by researching and developing personalised training programmes.

We work with you at any level, to creatively design and deliver exciting and challenging programmes to achieve the desired outcomes. Whether you are looking for in-house management courses or tailored team-building activities, you tell us your challenge and we will deliver the solution.

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Turning Factor operates across many sectors and industries nationally and internationally. Our flexible and dynamic approach means our experts are equipped to deliver exceptional training solutions, whether you are looking for virtual or face to face training, regardless of location.

One of our core values at Turning Factor is ‘interested’, which means we like to discover and understand your organisation, structure, your goals and your people. This helps us to ensure that our recommended solutions will deliver to your needs today and also in the future.

We are proud to welcome clients to learn at our own Training Facilities, designed to provide an immersive and interactive educational environment or we can come to you or we can deliver virtually. These options are tailored to accommodate different learning styles, schedules and locations, ensuring that our clients have access to high-quality education and training, whether in person or from the comfort of their own space.



Turning Factor has a unique market differential with the commercial experience and knowledge of the Leadership Team. All tutors are experts within their field and demonstrate practical knowledge alongside their academic achievements. 

Turning Factor has a unique ability to get underneath a business and to find out the real cause of the issues from either a business  or individual perspective. Our method of achieving this involves an in-depth analysis, which is unique to us, and has been proven to provide the leadership with honest and real feedback which previously may have been hidden within the business.

Because our approach is a combination of developing people and business, we are able to assess the larger picture to ensure that our recommendations are not driven by any one area of the business. 

Our commercial and real life expertise gives a unique edge to the experience gained by our clients when working with us either in the training room, board room or 121 basis, and this is continually proven to us through our clients' ability to implement the ‘how’.




What is a Bespoke Training Solution?

Bespoke training solutions are custom-designed programmes developed to meet the specific needs of a business. This means that brand new content and materials may need to be researched and designed.  


What is the benefit of having a Bespoke Training Solution?

Unlike off-the-shelf training, bespoke training considers the unique challenges, industry specifics, and goals of your organisation to provide targeted and effective learning experiences. The benefit is that every element of the learning is relevant to your organisation and therefore can be easier for learners to embed.


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