open programme


Turning Factor run a selection of relevant,  in-house designed and accredited programmes which are demand led to meet the challenges of today.

We run a suite of open programmes which are demand led to meet the challenges of today, including Time Management, Appraisal Training, Unlock Your Potential, and Presentation Skills, as well as ILM accredited qualifications in Leadership and Management. All tutors are experts within their field and demonstrate a practical knowledge alongside academic achievements.

The advantage of open programmes is that they give the individuals attending another perspective on their challenges and learning by taking the training out of the organisation. What we observe is that it opens up their minds to new thinking and approaches to solve problems, which they may have not been able to do previously in their usual environment.

Open programmes are delivered at quality regional training venues. Training funding may be available. Turning Factor is continually researching appropriate funding programmes and works to bring any available funding to your business (eligibility criteria apply).  Full support throughout the process is provided and we have received recommendations on numerous occasions from businesses and organisations who have successfully secured funding for training.



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