How Do We Do it?

Turning Factor operates on a dual basis, Developing People and Developing Business.

Developing People

We are passionate about the development of people. We engage with your leadership, management teams and staff, providing practical and relevant learning in alignment with the vision and strategy of your business. Our result-driven learning offers an immediate and sustained impact on the performance, efficiency and motivation of your people.

Developing Business

We help businesses evolve, expand and build to reach their potential. This involves many facets, including defining company vision, strategy, taking products to market and then making it happen. Our support always works hand in hand with our approach to developing people so that your organisation is aligned for success.

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest”

Benjamin Franklin

It is absolutely paramount when embarking upon any level of development – from the Boardroom to the shop floor – that the learning is in clear alignment and supports the commercial growth plans and strategy of the business. Poor people skills and a lack of cross-functional working and communication is a hidden profit centre, which, for many organisations runs at a loss.

At Turning Factor, we see that developing your business means that you will need to develop your people – and if you develop your people, it needs to be in alignment with the vision, strategy and development of your business.

We are proud to welcome clients to learn at our own Training Facilities, or we will come to you.


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