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Transition To Management (ILM Level 2)

Programme Overview

This programme is aimed at those who are taking their first step into a management role. The programme provides base level skills and knowledge on managing the team as well as themselves as a new manager.   The first line manager role can be one of the most challenging steps into management, and for those who are new to managing others, there is a lot to learn. This programme can be used to achieve the ILM Level 2 Award in Leadership and Team Skills.

The programme is designed to focus on skills and behaviours more than just theory – our aim is to provide practical development that challenges the delegates, broadens their perspectives, and widens their ‘managerial toolbox’. We ensure that each delegate has a range of specific objectives that they implement in the workplace after each session. Each delegate will complete a learning plan which we would advise they share with their workplace mentor.


Transition to Management 

Understand the role of a Team Leader / Line Manager

The skills, knowledge and behaviours expected of a line manager

Understand the responsibility, accountability, and authority as a Team Leader

Moving from a peer to a management relationship

Getting the balance right – focus on the team, individuals, and the task at hand

Developing Yourself as a Leader of People

Understanding your strengths and development areas, how to improve and how they can play through in your management style

Understanding the importance of self-development on your management journey including the value of feedback to improve performance


Effective and Professional Communication

The role communication plays / including language

Understanding the barriers to communication

Understanding the different methods of communication and how to match the right method with the right message.  This will include use of email

Understand methods for recording communication accurately

Effective Delegation

Key ‘must do’s’ when delegating

What can you delegate – actions


Introduction to Developing and Motivating the Work Team

Understand the difference between a team and a group and the impact on organisational performance

Understanding how teamwork can achieve better results

Understanding the key characteristics, responsibilities, and behaviours of a successful team

Understand your role in the development of the team

Setting clear expectations of your team – getting them motivated to do as you ask

Champion Change

How do you view change / what do we mean by it?

Recognise the impact of change and the importance of managing change

How do we communicate a message we don’t believe in?


Digital Platform Support

Why not support your learning with access to our 'Transition to Management' course on our eLearning Platform?

These are an excellent supplementary resource, spanning a wide range of key skills and include videos, presentations, assessments and downloadable scripts. Best of all, they are mobile and on-demand - perfect for modern life! When you choose this option, you have access to the platform for 6 months 

Course Dates

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