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Motivational Maps is a NEW self-perception inventory that provides individuals, managers and organisations with accurate, intelligent and practical information on what motivates people, as well as how motivated they are. Information gained from Motivational Maps can support the following initiatives:

  • Engagement: Organisations can assess the level of motivation present in their business and what specifically needs to be done to address and improve it. It is a superb benchmark and assessment tool.
  • Recruitment: Organisations can use Motivational Maps as part of their recruitment strategy to ensure they are selecting the right candidate to the job and that their motivation is in alignment with the job role expectations.
  • Reward: Managers can use the tool to better understand the motivations and behaviours of their staff and have more intelligent information on how to motivate and reward individuals, rather than taking the blanket approach.
  • Team Development: Managers can use Motivational Maps to understand their team dynamic and to improve communication, collaboration and productivity.
  • Personal Development: Individuals gain a better understanding and insight into their own motivations and behaviours and is superb in increasing their Emotional Intelligence.
  • Career Development: Individuals can use the tool to assist with their own career development and reach their full potential.



Become a Licensed Practitioner of Motivational Mapping

 Turning Factor is able to train individuals to become a Licensed Practitioner of Motivational Maps, and joining our growing number of national and international practitioners, you can benefit from using the tool on a day to day basis.

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