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E-Learning Platform

We are delighted to introduce our E Learning platform! This is a new digital learning resource designed to meet every learner's needs across all sectors.  With cutting edge, bite-sized learning modules that cover over 160 relevant topics, the platform is a powerful, quick, and simple solution to help organisations and learners reach their goals.  From bite-size learning to full qualifications, everything you need is here. 

Learn what you want, when you want, wherever you want!

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Whether you’re looking for a compact learning module, a full ILM qualification, or only have time for a 2 minute video, our Learning portal can give you access to mobile, on-demand learning that works around your needs! 

The learning library, developed by MicroLearn, consists of over 160 digital training sessions, featuring a multi-modal solution for a wide and growing variety of learning resource formats to support both continuous professional development and learning opportunities in the flow of work.  The ILM qualifications on the portal use this library to support the learning and assessment.

Learners and managers can keep track of completed learning, set due dates and download CPD reports. We can even set up a pathway that is bespoke to your organisation and teams - just let us know what you need!

Resources include:

  • Animated whiteboard style video                                                                                         people pic

  • Expanded interactive learning

  • Knowledge checks

  • Assessments

  • Case studies

  • Infographics

  • Fact sheets

  • Workbooks

 Learning Library

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There are a few simple options for you .....

  • You can buy a 12-month licence which gives you access to all the MicroLearn CPD courses - only £195 + vat
  • You can choose a module suited to your specific needs - only £100 + vat for six-month access
  • You can take advantage of our digital ILM qualifications - everything you need is on this portal
    • ILM Level 3 Award: £895 + vat / ILM Level 5 award £1295 + vat

COVID-19 course FREE with the purchase of any Pathway.



Other Training Courses

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12 Month Passport to all CPD courses

This gives you complete access to over 160 MicroLearn modules. You can set your own goals and design your own learning with this 12-month access to all pathways - flexible, digital learning at your fingertips!

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open programme

ILM Leadership & Management Qualifications

Turning Factor is breaking down the walls of traditional ILM qualification delivery

  • Mapped to individual ILM units - no more scouring through generic topic based materials
  • Innovative, tailored, online programmes
  • Reduces the amount of time a learner is away from the workplace
  • Provides students with a flexible, user friendly, self-paced, modern way to gain an ILM qualification
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Change Management

The Change Management package seeks to provide tools and techniques for managers to understand and implement change. Change is ever present and the pace of change is accelerating, leaving organisations that fail to meet new demands at risk of business demise. Hence the importance of mastering this subject.

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Data Protection and GDPR

The Data Protection Act 1998 controls how organisations, businesses and/or the Government use 'personal data' and how they should be be processing it. The current Data Protection regime was strengthened and enhanced by changes from the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force in May 2018.

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Customer Service

This pathway introduces the challenges of understanding customer service standards and requirements. You will broaden your knowledge in some of the complexities relating to both customer service and customer care and be able to analyse your organisations performance and implement improvements that will have a real impact on customers.

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Resilience Course

Developing Resilience and Wellbeing at Work -
Live Facilitated Micro Learning Sessions

How can this learning help you, right now?

These live facilitated micro learning sessions are designed to help understand the skills required to be Resilient in these challenging times,  and to be able to have the self-control and choice so you can manage and reduce levels of stress and anxiety. 

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COVID-19 Management

Our online Coronavirus awareness and home working training course is designed to help educate on infection avoidance and remote working best practices.


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Communication and Social Skills

Investing time in developing your communication skills will quickly pay dividends. Team members and colleagues who understand your instructions will have confidence in you as a manager. Senior colleagues will consider you credible and effective if you are able to communicate your ideas in a clear and effective way. This pathway explores what communication is and introduces concepts relating to effective communication.

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Equality and Diversity

From both organisational and business perspectives, the failure to have a culture that values equality and diversity can represent the difference between success and failure. This pathway covers current challenges associated with workplace equality and diversity and will develop your understanding of some of the complexities relating to a diverse and vibrant culture.

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Food Safety & Hygiene

When storing or preparing food, it is essential that Food Standards are achieved and maintained.  The Food Safety and Hygiene range covers everything from Food Law through to Allergies and Personal Hygiene.

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Health and Safety

The Health and Safety of employees and customers is paramount in any organisation. Legislation requires managers to ensure that various standards of health and safety at work are achieved; the main principles are covered in this pathway, providing a good induction for new and practising managers.

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ILM Coaching & Mentoring Qualifications


Prices per learner:

ILM Level 3 Award in Coaching & Mentoring = £895 + VAT. For Certificate or Diploma, please call for pricing.  

ILM Level 5 Award in Coaching & Mentoring = £1295 + VAT. For Certificate or Diploma, please call for pricing.

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Literacy Skills for Business

Every time you write something, someone is judging you on the quality of your writing! People that communicate well tend to do well in organisations, so effort spent in improving your business writing will be time well spent. This pathway deals with key elements of business writing that will give you the confidence to make a good impression when your business writing is to read by others.

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Management and Leadership

Hitting at the heart of a manager's role, key leadership and management models and theories are brought to life through activities that bring relevance to the day-to-day leadership and management challenges. Each course will enable you to rapidly elevate your management performance.

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personal development

Personal Development

Personal Development is undoubtedly the best investment you can make; it enables you to be more efficient and effective in management, whilst preparing you for more challenging rolls. This pathway contains a mix of interpersonal and essential business management tools and techniques to help you manage yourself effectively in the workplace and to stand out amongst your peers.

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Recruitment, Interviewing and Career Development

Exploring the core aspects and skills involved in the processes of recruitment, interviewing and selection for leaders and managers, ensuring you are able to make effective contributions in each aspect.

This pathway also covers key aspects of career development planning, preparing for interviews, understanding the importance of first impressions and learning how to effectively network within your industry and beyond.

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Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults

We all have responsibility to look after each other, in particular those who are less able to look after themselves. People working with children or vulnerable adults are required to be aware of the processes and procedures around protecting these groups.

Our eLearning is separated into English, Scottish and NI legislation variables.

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Social & Corporate Responsibility

Every company has certain social and corporate responsibilities which must be maintained.  These range from sustainability to ethical trading, and help to protect your social, economical and environmental interests.

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Very little can be achieved in organisations unless it is done through people. It is essential that your team is effective to achieve optimal performance. Team dynamics and key drivers for successful teams are examined in this pathway.

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Understanding Budgets and Finance

Budgetary and financial management are the lifeblood of any business or organisation. As a current or aspiring manager, your responsibilities will undoubtedly include managing budgets and finance. You may be involved in preparation and subsequent management of costs, revenues and annual budgets. This pathway introduces the models and concepts which help to explain how successful organisations set and control budgets and manage finance.

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Workplace Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of individuals in an organisation is vital, both in and outside the workplace. This pathway is designed to promote positive cultures and highlights the risks and warning signs of poor mental health, stress, sickness and more. A happy workforce is a successful one!

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