Cultural &
Organisational Change

One thing that is constant in our world is change. To stay ahead - or just keep up - organisations may have to make significant changes, from restructures, acquisitions and mergers to scaling up or down the workforce, and all of these changes will require the engagement of its people. To make change stick organisations need to have a clear vision of where they are going and be clear on who they are and what is important to them in terms of their values, people and culture.

Changing a culture by implementing and embedding change will require a careful and planned approach at all stages, and getting this right can help to:

  • Attract and keep the right talent
  • Improve the engagement and motivation of people
  • Make significant impact on productivity
  • Organically grow the business
  • Create natural succession
  • Improved bottom line results
  • Support and drive behavioural safety

The cost of poor engagement, behaviours and communication of people doesn’t appear as a line on the balance sheet, but rest assured it will manifest itself in many other ways.

Turning Factor believes that organisations should drive their strategy through people, not just process, and therefore the culture and engagement of people play a vital part in the organisations efficiency, effectiveness and bottom line results. Our unique system to assist in the process of change gives us the ability to increase the effectiveness of learning beyond that offered by a conventional training programme.


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