Unmute Success: 21st Century Presentation Skills

Programme Overview

Professional Communications in an online world.

Prepare – present – participate. Propel your business, drive results at every level and stay ahead of your competition by maximising your online impact.


Programme Overview

Virtual communication is here to stay, and you ‘don’t know what you don’t know’. How ready are we? What impact are you and your teams having? Are you maximising sales, making the most of meetings or simply sending the right message?

Join us for this highly practical day and learn how to take your online presence to an exciting new level. We will practice and develop traditional presentation skills with a virtual lens, offering instruction and advice on preparation, technology, framing and more.  Highly practical, we will focus on how you present and encourage you to practice in a supportive environment.

Your Tutor: Colin McLean a seasoned global presenter, public speaker and narrator, with audiobook and TV credits to his name - Sky, Channel 4, PBS America and more.

Benefits of attending this workshop


  • Hone and polish your online presence
  • Become more confident and effective in an online world
  • Understand framing and staging to participate with impact
  • Be empowered to take the initiative and grasp opportunity
  • Learn how to manage your tech for impact
  • Be able to stand out from the crowd
  • Sharpen your verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Improved key presentation skills – Body language, speech, spatial awareness, timings
  • Have your message heard with impact and clarity
  • Benefit from bespoke advice and instruction




Key Topics


  • Benefits and Barriers to online communication
  • What you need to think about – planning for perfection.
  • Making tech work for you and organise your virtual space effectively.
  • Techniques to get our nerves working for us
  • Earn the right to lead the room – winning trust and engaging the audience
  • Understand and develop key presentation skills – master your body language, voice and spatial awareness.
  • Making an impact – rule of three, simplicity, repetition.
  • How to participate in meetings and stand out from the crowd.
  • Deliver a short presentation and get individual feedback.




Course Dates

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More course dates will be added soon, please check back or contact us for availability.

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