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Programme Overview

How to Motivate Your People to Achieve Excellence

Motivational Maps is a NEW self-perception inventory that provides individuals, managers and organisations with accurate, intelligent and practical information on what motivates people, together with how motivated they are.

There is no other product like this on the market and it is fundamentally different from any other personality or psychometric tool. Benefits include:

  • Engagement: You can assess the level of motivation present in their business and what specifically needs to be done to address and improve it. It is a superb benchmark and assessment tool.

  • Recruitment: You can use Motivational Maps within a recruitment strategy to ensure you are selecting the right candidate for the job and that their motivation aligns with the expectations of the role.

  • Reward: The product can improve understanding of motivations of people and offer more intelligent information on how to motivate and reward individuals rather than taking a blanket approach.

  • Enhance Leadership Capability: Maps enable managers/leaders to look in depth at their team/department and give valuable information on how to improve the performance of each individual, each manager, each team and the organisation at large.

  • 360 Feedback: The Map Profile can be used as a 360 tool. It is interesting to understand other’s perceptions of your motivations – what do they see?

 The Masterclass is free with lunch and refreshments provided.

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