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Effective One to One's. Making Feedback Easy

Programme Overview

Dealing with people can be one of the hardest skills to master in a management role - people management is one of the most common areas for improvement. A key element of being able to lead and manage your team (at any level) is to know how to have an effective one to one - and key to that is the ability to give and receive feedback.

Join us for this brilliant and practical 2 hour session to learn how to improve your feedback skills and hold an effective one to one.


Research shows that successful organisations adopt a culture of feedback, achieved by developing their leaders to be able to give and receive feedback in the way it is intended - to encourage personal and organisational growth. Feedback is at its most beneficial when adopted as part of an ongoing process of one to one's where trust and relationships can be effectively built.

Giving the right feedback at the right time is a skill - and it can be daunting for many people. This can result in feedback being delivered poorly or even not delivered at all! Ever wondered why people keep making the same mistakes?

Benefits of attending this workshop

  • Understand the key components of holding a one to one
  • Make feedback easy by creating a Culture of Feedback
  • Learn key tips and techniques for giving and receiving feedback
  • Improve your feedback language and consistently deliver balanced feedback 

Course Dates

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