Assertiveness course

Dealing with Difficult People

Programme Overview

One of the most important skill sets to have in business is to be able to deal confidently with a 'difficult' person.   The very thought of having to address an issue with a certain person can be daunting and intimidating, which often means that person or situation is not addressed. But what is it about them that makes you see them as them difficult? What are their needs? What are our needs?

Join us for this practical session where we identify how our own behaviour can be mastered and used to meet our's and other's needs effectively.

All effective people managers look to their own behaviour first - who else can rely on if not ourselves? In this session we will challenge traditional perceptions of ‘difficult people’, increase confidence in handling difficult situations and look at practical solutions to having that 'difficult conversation'.

Benefits of attending this workshop:

  • Increase your understanding of the motivation of behaviour.
  • Develop your own level of flexibility in handling difficult situations.
  • Learn how to hold a challenging conversation effectively.
  • Increase your self-awareness and emotional control.
  • Challenge your perception of a 'difficult person'.
  • Increased confidence and assertiveness, especially when faced with challenging people.

Course Dates

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