Hethel Innovation





Growing Future Talent 

Turning Factor’s Growing Future Talent course was attended by five team members from Hethel Innovation. The delivery of the sessions by Alex was fantastic, the content was at the right level, the group the right size and the level of engagement was very high. What is also worth noting is the level and attention to detail that Alex would take in each individual and each business. Follow up conversations, visits to the business and being available for questions and support across the whole course and afterwards is something that was deeply appreciate across the team.

The course helped feed directly into the strategy work that was being done by Hethel at the time of attending the commercial awareness session. It was very useful to take the tools and exercises done on the course back into the business to discuss with senior management. This meant that the immediate line managers were enabled to be part of the strategy work as whole. On top of this whilst looking at the importance of leadership and management it was useful to discuss the difference. Working with Turning Factor at these sessions and between there was a lot of discussion about how to better set aside leadership time and how much impact that can have. Something the team has been actively employing ever since!

Managing performance was also an important part of the training, especially using performance management as a positive tool, and creating better engagement and opportunities for the team because of that. Again something that is being implemented at Hethel Innovation is the use of more performance management systems, as a positive engagement mechanism for staff. This has already helped the team to see better how they are doing, as well as the management team to understand where people are needing support.

Moving forward the management team at Hethel plans to continue its relationship with Turning Factor, and to keep implementing changes to improve the business.