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ILM Growing Future Talent – Level 3


The Institute of Leadership & Management is a professional membership body for leaders and managers and the largest accrediting body for Leadership and Management qualifications in Europe. ILM qualifications are recognised internationally.

Turning Factor is an approved centre and delivers open programmes and in-house learning that is ILM designed and endorsed. We deliver ILM qualifications from Level 3 through to Level 5 and course costs include ILM registration and assessment fees. We have a very high candidate pass rate and have become recognised as one of the top UK centres delivery and quality.

We have recently provided ILM management training to a member of staff at the engineering company SKF Cooper, who had been promoted from a technical to management role. Here is his story:


Having moved from a technical to a management role, I was enrolled on this course to help develop my skills in leading and managing people and gain a better understanding of how to do this effectively, giving me the skills and tools to help improve the performance of the business.

Key learning points

The 6 sessions of the course covered some of the key aspects in leading and managing a team and here are some of the learning points that I took from them:

  • Communication
    Gave me a better understanding of the impact communication has on a business and given me the skills to better communicate to my team, creating a more effective, purposeful and engaged environment and helped me build trust within my team.
  • Commercial awareness
    More awareness of business and strategic planning and what impact each operational area has on the business. What can I do to help in areas outside of my circle of influence? I have also learnt the importance of using data analysis to make better business decisions and prioritise actions.
  • Winning Behaviours
    I am more conscious of other people’s behaviours and attitudes and now have the tools to help support and develop people’s behaviours and influence those within my team. Managing my time effectively and leading by example are both winning behaviours that I have tried to implement following the course.
  • Motivate to improve performance
    Empowering others to carry out tasks outside of the norm and breaking down internal boundaries has helped develop people on both a personal and professional level and given better flexibility to the business. I have also learned how to support my team through adversity on both a personal and professional level.
  • Managing performance
    Understanding how to set goals, measure them and follow up has allowed me to better set realistic targets and make sure they are completed. Encouraging others to lead by example and giving people constructive feedback (both positive and negative) has helped build a better, more focused team.


The content of the course was relevant and interesting and the tutor was enthusiastic and engaging, creating a positive energy throughout each session. Since the first session I have felt more engaged in my job and it has provided me with the tools to motivate, lead and develop those within my team. This has resulted in better performance for the business and inspired me to reach my full potential.


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