Leadership and Followership

Turning Factor work with business leaders to challenge and improve Leadership and Followership effectiveness within the business.

Leadership today in business is arguably needed more than any other time since World War II. Businesses over the last decade have been able to successfully trade by having excellent products and having a not so demanding customer, but with changing times where organisations are asked to reduce their headcount dramatically to achieve the same result organisations now need real leadership to bond the remaining staff to achieve the same results.

What we find at Turning Factor is that the qualities to be a leader seems to be in short supply and that the development of those who are potential leaders has either been squashed through management process or discouraged by those who are meant to be in leadership positions.

A leader is not a leader without followers.  Understanding followership is crucial to great leadership, and therefore those organisations who want to embrace and achieve in the current global market need to consider developing both their leaders and their followers.

Our world leading knowledge and expertise enables us to research, develop and deliver unique leadership and executive leadership programmes.