FDQ Approved Qualifications

Turning Factor are proud to announce that we have recently become part of an elite group of FDQ approved centres, who can deliver these prestigious food and drinks qualifications.

Having worked hard over the past few months on getting our heads around the new apprenticeship levy that is due to kick in in April 2017 and working out what sort of impact this will have on the training and development sector, Turning Factor decided it was time to dip our toes in the apprenticeship pool. Having worked with clients in the food and drink sector for a number of years, we saw an opportunity to explore the apprenticeships in this sector, and inherently sought approval from the FDQ – the most prolific and prestigious organisation for these qualifications in the UK.

Although not an easy process, the staff at Turning Factor worked hard on the approval process, are are pleased to say that we gained FDQ approval earlier this year. Although these are exciting times, a lot of work lies ahead in preparing to roll out these qualifications in Norfolk and beyond before the levy kicks in, especially with the ever changing guidelines set by the Government! However, all of us here are looking forward to achieving this, and making a real difference to the food and drink sector.

The qualifications that Turning Factor will be involved in can be found below:

FDQ Level 2 Award, Certificate and Dipolma for Proficiency in Food Manufacturing Excellence (QCF)

FDQ Level 3 Award, Certificate and Diploma for Proficiency in Food Manufacturing Excellence (QCF)

FDQ Level 4 Award, Certificate and Diploma for Proficiency in Food Manufacturing Excellence (QCF)

For more information on this, and how Turning Factor could help deliver FDQ approved qualifications in your business, please contact us on info@turningfactor.com or 01603 881689.


FDQ also have their own bit of good news! FDQ has been officially approved by the SFA as an Apprentice Assessment Organisation (AAO), listed on the Register of AAOs.

This means that as of January 2016 there will be whole new arm to the business. To this end, clients will see them roll out an array of specialist apprentice end-point assessment products and services to food industry centres old and new. To read more about this exciting development, click here.