Bespoke Programmes

We understand that each business is unique and may be experiencing challenges that are difficult to resolve.  Turning Factor has the capability and expertise to support your business by researching and developing brand new and unique bespoke programmes.

Bespoke Programmes

We work with our clients without boundaries, to creatively design and deliver exciting and challenging programmes to achieve the desired result.  You tell us your challenge, and we will deliver the solution.

Our bespoke programmes are designed in-house, to meet the needs of your business and include Managing Conflict within Teams, Sales Management, Unlock Your Potential, Pre-Audit Training, Creative Prospecting, Negotiating to Win, Team Building, Behavioural Change and Employee Engagement. We pride ourselves on providing solution-led learning, that offer resolutions

All tutors are experts within their field and demonstrate a practical knowledge alongside academic achievements.

Training Funding

Turning Factor is continually researching appropriate funding programmes and works to bring any available funding to your business (eligibility criteria apply).  Full support throughout the process is provided and we have received recommendations on numerous occasions from businesses and organisations who have successfully secured funding for training.