PPG Architectural Coatings UK

Turning Factor have worked successfully with PPG on a number of assignments over the past 3 years. The main focus of this work has been the delivery of a programme called “Unlock your Potential”. This 2 day programme focuses on helping managers understand the difference between leadership and management, how best to build trust and how to be more creative in their thinking and leadership.

The programme was developed in response to a need to help managers move through the organisation and help the business build a strong talent pipeline. Like many organisations managers were unable to move away from the day to day detail and act as leaders to their teams and the business. This programme has been extremely successful with over 50% of the attendees being promoted or having the scope of their role expanded. For the remainder we have seen an improved performance driven by greater self-awareness and an increased toolkit of methodologies to help them in their role.

The programme itself has been delivered by the Directors, who invest valuable time before the programme getting to know the candidates and talking to their line managers to understand development needs. This is a valuable investment as it means that the course gets off to a quicker start as the rapport already exists. During the programme the delivery is relaxed and interactive but also challenging and pushes the delegates to think and behave differently. Towards the end of the programme Turning Factor provide honest, direct but constructive feedback on their observations to each delegate. This is backed up with a call to the manager and delegate after the programme and a written summary.

This programme has been hugely beneficial and was expanded in 2012 to cover more of the UK business units and we now run 2 sessions per year putting 20 managers through the programme.

I would be happy to recommend Turning Factor to any organisation looking to deliver interventions which challenge and develop their management teams. I would also recommend Turning Factor for any 1-1 or small group work where an objective input is required and difficult feedback needed.

Paul Dowie
HR Director, UK and Ireland
PPG Architectural Coatings UK Limited