HJ Heinz

As part of the Multinational HJ Heinz LLC, Heinz Westwick, is the centre of excellence for frozen vegetable processing within the UK & Ireland business.

HJ Heinz has a strong commitment towards developing its leadership capabilities at all levels, and to this end, we have been working in partnership with Turning Factor on developing key members of the senior leadership team. Recently, I have entered into some coaching with them in order to address some areas for growth in my own capabilities.

The sessions were designed around six key areas, and were in a ‘one to one’ coaching style. Each session focussed on a separate topic, and explored the reasons and behaviours associated with a specific character trait or leadership style. During each session, there would be general discussion about why a particular leadership ability was helpful or unhelpful and then techniques and exercises where explored to help bring those items to life after the session.

The coaching has helped me understand the role of a strategic leader, and has helped me manage the transition from ‘Functional Management’.  Moreover, it has helped me provide clarity and strategic direction to the senior leadership team at site in order that they better understand their priorities as functional leaders.

We are now reviewing with Turning Factor how we roll-out this coaching programme to other members of our senior leadership team.

Simon Taylor
General Manager
HJ Heinz Westwick