Time Management

This programme is aimed at any individual that believe they could be more effective and efficient with the management of themselves and their time day to day.

Time Management

Who is it for?

There is often an incorrect assumption that a time management programme is for those who lack structure and perhaps find managing time an unnatural process in the workplace.  But we must recognise that those who are highly structured and find it more natural can also be inefficient with their time – perhaps someone who plans a plan and then re-plans the plan because the plan is not going to plan as they specifically wanted it to!

What will the programme cover?

  • Understanding the benefits and reasons for managing time effectively and the impact on time and cost
  • Barriers, including how personality type and habitual patterns impact on your self-management and organisational skills
  • Time Efficiency Line – Recognising your ‘A’ time and consideration when planning complex or high concentration tasks
  • Understanding how to prioritize your workload, considering urgency, importance, effort and return
  • Creating Time – an insightful and real session which demonstrates how time can be created in a working week
  • Best practice tools and techniques to organise yourself and your time, including diary planning

What are the benefits?

  • You will have increased insight to your own behaviours and challenges when managing your time, and with your own motivation be able to manage these more effectively
  • You will learn key tips, knowledge and ways of working to improve your effectiveness and efficiency
  • How to create time in your working week, so you can focus on other priorities

To discuss this programme, or any other requirements, call a member of our team on 01603 881689 or email to info@turningfactor.com