Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills is a 2 day programme designed for those who wish to increase their personal confidence when presenting to others.  The programme focuses on presentations ranging from those which may be delivered around a table, to those who may be doing a more formal stand up presentation.

Presentation Skills

The key element to the Presentation Skills programme is the recording and de-briefing of presentations.  This is done at the beginning of the programme, and throughout the 2 days, so delegates can see for themselves how they come across to an audience and it will also track the increased confidence and skills gained over the duration.

Programme Overview

  • Understanding your audience and the best way to present and engage with different audience types
  • First impressions, impact and dress code
  • Recognising the different methods and mediums of presentations.  Delegates will have the opportunity over the 2 days to present using different methods, for example, with and without visual aids, power point
  • Managing your own and the audience state
  • Planning and structuring a presentation
  • Platform skills- this will include spacial awareness, managing of presentation materials, voice tone, contact with audience
  • Recording and de-briefing of presentations with delegates

What will I learn?

  • The fundamentals of planning and presenting a presentation with impact
  • How it feels to present using different methods
  • Be aware and observant of your habits which may restrict your ability to communicate well
  • Recognise how you come across to an audience through recording and playback
  • Understand how you can manage your own emotions and behaviour when presenting so you come over strong, professional and confident

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