NEW! Appraisal Skills

Undertaking appraisals can be a very stressful part of your job, which can be made all the worse by not being equipped with the right tools and techniques to carry them out with confidence. Appraisal skills training can help fill this gap and make them truly effective for your organisation.

NEW! Appraisal Skills

Who is it for?

This programme is suitable for anyone who has to deliver an appraisal to a member of staff and would like increased confidence to manage the process.

What will the programme cover?

  • Understanding how the appraisal process forms part of a Performance Management process
  • Recognising the benefits of an appraisal process for individuals, managers and the organisation
  • Understanding the key steps to carrying out an effective appraisal
  • Learning how to be smarter with your questioning skills to open and manage an effective 2-way conversation
  • Understanding how to manage a difficult conversation or message
  • Giving feedback in a positive and constructive way

What are the benefits?

  • Gives clarity on the function of appraisals, and why they are a positive and worthwhile action for organisations and individuals
  • Gives instruction on conducting effective appraisals
  • Shows you how to structure an appraisal for maximum effectiveness
  • Delegates will be more comfortable tackling the difficult and awkward conversations that may arise
  • Delegates will understand the art of making feedback easy to give

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