Developing People

Turning Factor is passionate about the development of people.  Our programmes are run in alignment with reality, and therefore provide extremely practical and relevant learning.  Our Tutors provide the ‘how’, not just the ‘what’.

Developing People

Turning Factor operates on a dual basis, Developing People and Developing Business.

Focussing on the Development of People at all levels, this stream of Turning Factor engages with your leadership, management teams and staff.  Our approach is to start by working with the Senior Leadership Team of an organisation; the people who have the most influence over the organisational growth and strategy, linking with the other aspect of Turning Factor’s work.

It is absolutely paramount when embarking in any level of development – from the Boardroom to the shop floor – that the learning is in clear alignment and supports the commercial growth plans and strategy of the business.  Poor people skills and a lack of cross-functional working and communication is a hidden profit centre, which for many organisations runs at a loss.

At Turning Factor we see that developing your business means that you will need to develop your people – and if you develop your people, it needs to be in alignment with the vision, strategy and development of your business.