Developing Values & Vision

Many organisations go through a process of developing a vision and mission statement and listing a set of values which they believe will reflect the identity of the business. This exercise in principle is designed to ensure that the business is in alignment and thus focused in delivering better results.

Values in our experience with dealing with many companies are not always embedded, believed or understood by the management of the companies that have them. In worst examples are where companies have used branding experts to design them. We have heard examples of clients who the management describe the values as fluff and great words which mean nothing as the Board do not live them, so how can you expect the management to embed them?

The value of Trust is a value which many companies use within their business, as it seems on the surface the right thing to have, but when the Board members don’t even trust each other it can be seen as not only cynical but damaging to the credibility of the business. It is extremely important that a value is well thought through and has clear measurement attached to it which everybody can understand and ideally for individuals performance link to it.

Where business goes through tough times and needs to develop strength and unity we would recommend that major focus is put on establishing a set of values. This will not only give the business a strong identity rather than just a logo but also give the business a focus on helping to achieve the business objectives. When businesses do this it can speed the process of change and also improve areas which previously were failing by giving direction in how the business expects it to perform.