NEW! Enterprise Growth Programme

Learn, Build and Grow!

NEW! Enterprise Growth Programme

Starting a business in today’s climate is as challenging as ever, but to build a business, be it in any sector, industry or market requires vision, resilience and know-how.  Having the vision and resilience are commendable natural abilities, but if you haven’t built a business before knowing the ‘how’ is something that you will have to learn, and for many, it is the hard way.

Enterprise Growth Programme is your gateway to the ‘how’ the easy way.  You will learn from Tutors who have been there, done it, and are still there and doing it, making the learning incredibly practical and relevant.

Who is it for?

This programme has been designed for business owners and directors of companies that have been in business for over a year and are looking to grow and increase their profitability and efficiency. It has also been designed for those who are wishing to expand or take on more staff to meet the needs of their customers.

What are the key benefits?

  • Learn how to increase your business profitability
  • Learn how to grow your business further and faster
  • Learn how to build a business that is not reliant upon you, making it sustainable and valuable
  • Learn how to have less stress and more time
  • Gain greater clarity of your personal goals and drivers
  • Become more confident about your company’s future
  • Improve your leadership and management skills
  • Build a robust and rigorous business plan
  • Learn how to work in success cells

The programme:

The programme runs over a 12 month period, plus individual 121 coaching and mentoring throughout. The programme also includes membership into a Mastermind group, and work within success cells.

£249 per month + VAT paid by monthly Direct Debit

Funding is available from 25%-50%

100% Money back guarantee if you do not improve your profitability over the duration of the programme.