Developing Business

Turning Factor see’s that to develop business and improve performance of a company’s fortune, it is not always achieved by repeating previous experiences.  Turning Factor gives an external experience which offers proven added value to the Board and Leaders of the company.

Developing Business

Turning Factor operates on a dual basis, Developing Business and Developing People.

This stream of our business focusses on the development and commercial growth of a business.  We have built, developed and grown businesses from a blank piece of paper, to employing over 1000 staff.  This includes defining vision and strategy and working out how best to take product to market with scalability.

However, in our experience it is often the capability of the leadership, management and people that can stifle a business and be a deterrent to success.  In this type of situation, we interlink our approach to business with our approach to developing people, to ensure that these challenges are addressed.

At Turning Factor we see that developing your business means that you will need to develop your people – and if you develop your people, it needs to be in alignment with the vision, strategy and development of your business.